‘Benson,’ ‘Star Trek’ actor René Auberjonois dies at 79


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One of those actors who appeared everywhere. I also remember him in Eyes of Laura Mars.

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He was also in "The Patriot".

A great character actor.


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RIP. I remember him as Pukey2 does.

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An actor you could recognize in the moment and not have your suspension of disbelief interrupted.

That has to be one of the marks of great acting. 

Bon Voyage!

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Liked him in Benson.

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A veteran actor with great range. He was great in Deep Space nine and Boston Legal. He will be missed and remembered.

His past works will continue to bring joy as they get reruns over the coming years. R.I.P.

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The second Deep Space Nine actor to pass in the last four months with Nog played by Aron Eisenberg passing in September. A sad year for DS9 fans.

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How are DS9 actors going before TNG actors? I would've thought Picard would've been the first to go (not that I want that).

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Wow. I remember this fella from all the above mentioned films and TV series except the MASH movie (I'm too young). A very versatile and flexible actor. Now here's a role model for all actors - this guy could be practically anyone in the universe! That's talent, folks! RIP Rene, Hollywood sorely needs many more guys like you.

And while we're mourning, the puppeteer behind Big Bird in Sesame Street has also died. He was 85. RIP.

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I'll always remember him first from Benson as a kid. Great actor.

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Great actor.

For film fans of the 1970s, he was Father John Mulcahy, the military chaplain who played straight man to the doctors’ antics in “M.A.S.H.”

Best Father Mulcahy Sermon on MASH


he was Odo, the shape-shifting Changeling and head of space-station security on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.”

Remembering René Auberjonois: Watch the Actor Talks Final Day of Filming Star Trek


He was also in the 1976 King Kong movie with Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange.

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