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‘Dragon Ball Super’ beats ‘Beast’ at North American box office with $20.1 mil


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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is a h-ll of a movie; ((personally), the first three DB movies will always be special, but, if we exclude nostalgia) imho this is among the 3, 4 best DB movies of all time (top5, for sure); “nothing” comes close to the brilliance of Broly (2018), imho that’s THE db movie and one of the best animated movies of all time; so from that perspective, DBS: SH did an amazing job; refreshing to see Piccolo and Gohan as the leaders of this movie; (I think we all needed a break from Goku and Vegeta.) Gamma 1 and 2 were amazing, great character development, Dr. Hedo(!) became a personal favorite and Pan was super cute; .. looking forward to the next one. :)

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Kinda wild how Dragon ball's still going this strong after 4 decades

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Impressive to see how popular the franchise is even after all this time, compared with other series this is not exactly the most versatile or innovative story, but its appeal is still very strong for people of many different ages.

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Good for them, still need to take my son to go see it but been hesitant to go to any theater recently with COVID cases still high.

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