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‘Dune: Part Two’ brings spice power to the box office with $81.5 million debut


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I saw it at the normal theatres on Saturday night - the cinematography, music and action was very impressive, would have been even better to see it on IMAX….

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I can’t wait to see it I’ve heard it’s great

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Looking forward to seeing this movie, I have seen very good reviews from people that share similar tastes to mine, and the negative comments I have seen online are mostly about the depressing or dark feeling of the universe, which makes me thing the people making those comments don't really understand why Dune was written and on what context.

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Dune 1 only made $400mil because it was simultaneously streamed which severely limited box office numbers. Dune 2 has already made almost $180mil in its opening weekend almost reaching half of Dune 1's total. This bodes well for part 3 - Dune Messiah and hopefully the studio will greenlight it faster than it did Dune 2. There isn't a Villeneuve film that I don't like.

I really hope its success can encourage studios to take on more hard sci-fi with more mature content rather than the typical YA crap that barely passes as sci-fi. I'm equally keen to see the Three Body Problem coming soon on Netflix. Really good book.

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Dune know what all the fuss is about.

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