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'Amazing China' documentary more fiction than fact


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Pretty much what I'd expect from the nonelected totalitarian dictatorship with their propaganda and censorship. China is like the bully in the schoolyard who hollers how great he is while no one else agrees. Real greatness comes when those around you make that decision.

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"Amazing China" has smashed box-office records for documentary films. Midday screenings during the week sold out immediately, suggesting either unquenchable public appetite or organized bulk ticket sales.

None of the viewers surveyed by the AP had purchased their own tickets. Instead, they got them from state-run companies, neighborhood committees or government departments that handed them out as part of their "party building work."

Douban, a popular film review website in China, blocked users from commenting on the movie.

Lol, sounds like quite an operation there

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I'll pass. I think I would like to see Avengers Infinity War or Ready Player One instead.

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Perhaps the greater fault lies with the Ethiopean government for allowing this to happen. At the very least inspection of conditions and a living wage which in Ethiopia would still save the Chinese company a fortune in wages and be well worth the investment.

The reality is the Chinese are on;y interested in benefit for China, the rest is a sales pitch to pull the wool over everyone else's eyes while they continue their exploitation.

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The Ethiopean govt. has allowed this to happen probably because Chinese officials are paying off the country's leaders.

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'Communism' my foot. Marx and Engels wanted to end the exploitation of man by man, and 'the state would wither away'. Those 2 are rolling in their graves. And since these Chinese propaganda officials, censors and LIARS  have connections to the corrupt family of the treasonous Spanky Don - that shows how this whole 'socialist' economy thing is a total SHAM. Disgusting.

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The Chinese government engages in revisionism and white washing of facts? I'm 'shocked.'

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I'll wait for the sequel "Corrupt China", which will also feature Xi, this time explaining how his family got so rich on his salary.

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