'Avatar 2' has world premiere in London


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Hopefully this delivers, with story and script to match the visuals. Have sat through the trailers numerous times at the cinema and the “This family is our fortress” line has made me cringe a little each time.

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Another pull-millions out of sheep pockets movie trilogy..

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Avatar is the last movie that I saw in a cinema. That's how bad it was. It scared me off movies.

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How I wish @tokyoliving would post their preferred entertainment.

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Good for you. I can't say I'm as excited for "Avatar 2" as you seem to be, but I may decide to spare three hours for it sometime this month. After all, James Cameron is a filmmaker behind some absolutely fantastic films and, while it's not my favorite of his, the first "Avatar" was still an enjoyable good time.

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Cliche City, here we come. Didn't like the rip-off first one, ain't gonna waste my time or dugats on the second. Forget it!

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Hey everybody, I'm sure the cinemas will be open on Christmas Day so rise up, gather around your kinfolk and rock a theater to the ground by seeing this unoriginal piece of rubbish on a holiday! After all, THIS is what Christmas is supposed to be all about, amiright? At least in America it has been since the mid 90s or so. Tis the season, yeah!

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How I wish @tokyoliving would post their preferred entertainment.

Probably likes stuff that no one likes lol

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I might see it, if only for the big screen fun and popcorn and possibly a good flick.

Now if we could only get a Christmas Vacation 2, that would be great.

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