'Borat' sequel to be released by Amazon before election


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Used to like the guy. But can't tolerate how he gets rich by exploiting and mocking poor people, and then has the nerve to say that political speech should be censored. A complete tool.

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Pure rubbish worthless to mention at all.

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I agree with @commanteer. I thought he was a pop icon, met him once in London, but found out about his views on annexing Palestine.

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hes made a fortune out of being a bigoted unfunny asswipe , not newsworthy

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Is the insinuation that this will somehow sway voters views?  Otherwise why is "before the election" relevant?

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Smart man, he's just having fun and politically he's well informed and switched on.

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Thoroughly enjoyed the original, look forward to the new one. Poking fun at the pompous and powerful is always to be praised and if he caused bigots and racists to unintentionally show their true colours, what’s wrong with that?

The self important need deflating.

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Cohen’s work is pure satire!

Despite being Jewish he plays a Jew-hating journalist-that’s what comedians do-I love Borat the character...

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Poking fun at the pompous and powerful is always to be praised and if he caused bigots and racists to unintentionally show their true colours, what’s wrong with that?

Dirt poor Romanian villagers and small town US southerners - pompous and powerful are who he likes to hang with, not mock.

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exploiting and mocking poor people

Oh come on! All he's done was to hint that a pedophile was indeed a pedophile, made some idiot believe that he could repel muslims by pulling down his pants and showing his backside, and frighten toothless rednecks into believing that their town was going to turn into Mecca. In other words, gullible people. They just all happened to be Trump supporters. It's no coincidence the only person to come out unscathed and without egg on his face was Bernie Sanders.

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I hope Pence makes an appearance in it (without even knowing it!).

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More excited about Mr. Robot: Season 4 on Amazon myself. Oct 6th.

I like satire. Everyone needs to be made fun of from time to time, especially people who think they are powerful.

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They just all happened to be Trump supporters.

Those those poor Romanian villagers with no sewerage, living on dirt with donkeys instead of cars are all Trump voters? Who knew? He paid them about $5 each to join in the movie, and most villagers took him up on the offer - because they are poor - and they had no idea what kind of film he was making. He exploited them and humiliated them, portraying them as pimps and prostitutes, making millions in the process. On top of the humiliation, they are still poor. He never sent a dime back to share his wealth with people who desperately need it. But you got a laugh from it, so it's OK?

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Ali G and Borat were funny, the other stuff not so much. It's always nice to see the pompous and bigoted exposing themselves. Ali G interviewing Rhodes Boyson is still highly amusing, "I was caned in school but I could still concentrate." Chortle.

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