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'Evangelion' in 11 languages: Amazon releases multi-lingual preview for final Eva anime film

By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

Japanese movies tend to take a long time to come to home video. For example, you still can’t rent or stream "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train," the highest-grossing movie of all time in Japan, almost 10 months after its theatrical release.

But the wait for "Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time," is mercifully short. Following its Japanese theater debut in March, the fourth and final "Rebuild of Evangelion" film is now available for viewing through Amazon Prime Video. Even better, it’s not just Japanese fans who’ll get to watch, but otaku around the world, as it’s an international streaming release with not only the original Japanese dialogue, but 10 different foreign-language dubs.

To celebrate this moment in anime history, Amazon has released a multi-lingual teaser trailer for "Thrice Upon a Time" and the three previous "Rebuild of Evangelion" movies, featuring clips from the tetralogy with dialogue that shifts first from Japanese to French, followed by German, Mandarin Chinese, Castilian Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Hindi, Korean, Latin American Spanish, Italian, and, finally, English.

Even if you don’t speak each and every language on the list, you can still pick out some interesting localization choices. For example, the German dub apparently keeps the Japanese-language honorifics, as evidenced when Kaworu mentions “Shinji Ikari-kun.” In terms of terminology, the Korean dub follows the Japanese original by using the English words “Third Impact,” while the Latin American Spanish dub can be heard talking about a “Quarto Impacto” for a theoretical fourth such event.

If you’re curious as to what language is being spoken at each point, the Japanese text at the bottom of the video will let you know:

● 日本語 = Japanese

● フランス語 = French

● ドイツ語 = German

● 中国語 = Chinese

● カスティーリャ・スペイン語 = Castilian Spanish

● ブラジル・ポルトガル語 = Brazilian Portuguese

● ヒンディー語 = Hindi

● 韓国語 = Korean

● ラテン・スペイン語 = Latin American Spanish

● イタリア語 = Italian

● 英語 = English

▼ And yes, that’s Asuka delivering her famous “Anta baka?/Are you stupid or something?” line in Chinese.


Source: YouTube/Amazon Prime Video JP – アマゾンプライムビデオ via Comic Natalie via Otakomu

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It’s a good thing to enjoy any diversion of an individuals’ own choice an any language they choose. Live and Let Live !!

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Kinda sad that I won't be able to see these in theaters.

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If they were translated into Russian, they would bring pleasure to several million people....

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