'Expend4bles' opens with epic flop while ‘Nun 2’ claims top spot again at box office


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It seems Hollywood is fixed into overusing franchises until the public gets tired of the decreasing quality and imagination and the products flop.

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I enjoyed the first Nun.

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Haven't seen any of these "Expendables" movies but I can guess by the cast names what they are about and I'd be shocked if the first one was any different from this newest one.

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Probably cuz 3 was so bad

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It starred several FORMERLY popular names, including Stallone, Statham, Curtis “50 Cent" Jackson, Megan Fox and Dolph Lundgren.

Grandpas need take grandpa roles. Stallone has been old for 20 yrs. Statham is right on the edge, but needs to move out of "action" roles. I have less to say about the other names. When this movie shows up at 2am on regular TV, I probably wouldn't watch. A Shark Vacuum commercial would be better.

If you are over 55, and not Liam Neeson, don't do action. That will do your career a favor. Liam is too old for his particular set of skills to work any more too.

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It's no surprise that they made #4 or that it isn't doing well. Hollywood's "success" is determined in the first week. If there isn't a 3 trillion dollar opening weekend, the movies are no good. Does anyone remember when Hollywood made actually good movies and opening sales weren't as popular a way to judge success? Maybe a return to good stories, good acting, and better film making overall would help -- even the bottom line.

Every currently "successful" movie has #s 2 -- 10. Why the same story over and over and over again? That's what seems to be this franchise's problem. Everyone has seen it before.

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I think George Lucas is (partly) to blame for this franchise malarkey. If it weren’t for him making ‘Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back’ and therefore calling ‘Star Wars’ “Episode IV: A New Hope” after the fact, franchising wouldn’t be quite so popular.

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Epic flop? Came in second

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