'Final Fantasy' XIV building-projection in Yokohama will make your jaw drop

By Koh Ruide, SoraNews24

As part of the "Final Fantasy" 30th anniversary celebration, Square Enix brought its flagship series to life with a "Final Fantasy XIV" projection mapping of epic proportions.

Held from 10 June to 11 June in collaboration with InterContinental Yokohama Grand, the title was called “Assault from primal Bahamut.” Audiences were treated to a free spectacle which made use of the 140-meter wall of the hotel as a humongous screen.

The show unfolded with an initial tribute to the entire "Final Fantasy" series, followed by the introduction of a ragtag team of adventurers: the reliable paladin, a mysterious black mage, the stalwart dragoon, and a cute little white mage.

Large speakers near the site thundered music and sound effects, which really added to the experience.

Before long, the ominous presence of the primal dragon, Bahamut, made itself known by razing the entire city! Our heroes rallied to take down this immense force of evil. In the face of certain defeat, our heroes fought valiantly and finally managed to seal the evil dragon away into the depths of time. The show lasted about 12 minutes, but time flew by in an instant.

In an interview with "FFXIV" director and producer Naoki Yoshida, he revealed that InterContinental Yokohama Grand was chosen because the original company, Square, had its humble beginnings in Yokohama.

Planning for the projection mapping began two years ago, and actual production took his team more than half a year to complete.

What an epic show indeed! The only way it could’ve been better is if it were topped off with some Moogle ice cream honey toast and blue Leviathan ramen from the "Final Fantasy" restaurant.

Sources: YouTube/Final Fantasy XIV via Shirabe, GAME Watch, Twitter/@bestmoveup

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