'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' set for gritty reboot

By Frederic J. BROWN

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I've seen the previews and this looks pretty good. Its like all the characters are the same, but not trying to be funny and so its funny. You even have Carleton acting just like Carleton, doing the dance and everything. Its going to be good!

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This sounds intriguing.

Loved the original back in the 90s, and reimagining the story sounds like a fresh approach rather than just trying to do a standard remake.

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If not for that show, we'd have never heard of Will Smith...

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Now this is a clever way to do a reboot. Intriguing.

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I don't know man... reboot aren't my cup of tea.... "friends" , "beverly hills 90210" , what happened to that?

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Pretty much tells how Hollywood is scraping the bottom of the barrel with no fresh ideas. What's next? A reboot of "8 is Enough"?

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This is the best news so far for 2020!

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Smith reprising his role and making The Fresh Prince 2020 would be much more interesting and creative.

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