'Friends' reunion reveals Ross and Rachel stars' crush


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Friends was always an inferior rider on the coattails of Seinfeld.

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Stole jokes too.

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Friends don't let friends watch "Friends".

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great time to get nostalgic about six people in a room without muzzles

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Loved the show but this is not news. They talked about it at the time and how they decided not to hook up because if it went sideways, it would affect the show. Smart choice.

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And… she still doesn’t wear bra!! :))

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Man, I've had a crush on Aniston since the Ferris Bueller short-lived TV series. At 52, she still doesn't disappoint.

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The show was great years ago however our mindset has gone onto other things in 2021. However, it was funny by yesterdays standards. Next!

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it was funny by yesterdays standards

Truly talented movies / shows never become obsolete, they'll always be funny. "Friends" were great. And yes, Aniston is the best!!

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Nipples, nipples, nipples…work on the Smile

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A made up "controversy"

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I would never date a woman who said she watches or watched friends voluntarily. This dross and Big bang theory are 2 of the worst tv shows ever to come out of the us. Give me the dukes of Hazzard, the six million dollar man or magnum , p.i. anyday!

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Friends is an iconic show that spoke to the type of relationships and life many viewers envied at the time (1994-2004). I worked in the television industry at this time and enjoyed seeing how the writers of the show were able to capture the emotions of the viewers at the time. That is what tv drama is all about, an imaginary escape from daily troubles. Many of the youth at the time (in North America at least) were looking for this kind of friendly relationship with others because it was not happening in society. I see a link to the advances we see in the "me-too" movement nowadays, and I am sure Friends played some role. One of my friends met his wife in a coffee shop setting like the show's setting, and it seemed so fitting to them. I look forward to seeing is reunion version.

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No doubt it is the most popular comedy show in the 90's but now no such show becomes the most popular.

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