'Godzilla' stomps its way to a box-office lead in U.S.


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Japanese fans aren't going to be happy with this Chinese Godzilla, as the head of MONARCH(This universe's anti-Godzilla organization) was replaced from Watanabe Ken's character to Zhang Ziyi's character.

What can you do, this is a Chinese produced movie after all; at least the Chinese production company gave Watanabe's character a heroic death before sending him away.

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this is a Chinese produced movie

No it’s not.

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That bow tie looks ridiculous on "Godzilla."

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Finally a reason to go the movies and get some REAL popcorn. I wonder if there’s a lot of Japanese language in it since they haven’t figured out how to provide English subtitles yet for duel language films when shown in Japan.

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@FB "duel language"--is there an annotated subtitle version of your grumblings available?

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