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Baldwin lawsuit settled; filming may resume


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What the hell were live bullets doing on the set in the first place?

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"......said a statement Wednesday from Matthew Hutchins, widow of the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins ...."

How can a man be a widow? He is a widower.

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 I will now executive produce, will resume with all the original principal players on board, in January 2023.

You haven't killed enough people yet, Alec? And this if from someone who used to be an admirer.

You pulled the trigger regardless of what your memory tells you. And who chose the armorer? Who allowed live ammo on set (or at least didn't make sure that there was a system to keep it off)? Who ran the crew so hard that they were thinking of quitting en-mass? Who is ultimately responsible?

That would be the Executive Producer. In otherwords, that would be you.

I don't think you pulled the trigger on purpose. I think you made a mistake.

But your negligence borders on criminal. Fortunately (for you anyway) you are going to get off with an out of court settlement. You got lucky (or you paid a really good attorney.)

I cannot for the life of me understand why a small-budget, likely straight to steaming period-piece would resume shooting. Pull the plug. This isn't "The twilight zone" But I guess there is a certain fascination with the details. "Is this were she died? " Is this the scene where she ate it?"

I just wish Alec would go away, stop shifting blame (ESPECIALLY stop shifting blame) and focus on his already too many kids.

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Somebody on here once mentioned that Lee Marvin (out of a sense of fear and caution) hand inspected every single blank round he ever fired from his guns on the movie sets before using them. Lee Marvin was a very wise man. There's no such thing as being too careful when it comes to guns.

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Lee Marvin was "old school" professional, a rare bird in today's Tinseltown megabucks industry.

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"...said a statement Wednesday from Matthew Hutchins, widow of the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and a plaintiff in the lawsuit along with their 9-year-old son Andros."

If the subject of the sentence is 'Matthew Hutchins' then the object of the sentence must be 'widower', since Mr Hutchins is a male.

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