'Spider-Man' nearly squashed at birth, says creator Lee


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"Somehow calling him 'flyman' didn't sound dramatic enough. What else could he be? Mosquito man? Then I said: Spiderman. And it sounded so dramatic," said Lee.

IIRC, Marvel did eventually introduce a character called The Human Fly in the 70s but I don't think he took off.

Incidentally, Stan Lee's latest cameo (in Thor: Raganarok) is his best, I reckon.

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Incidentally, Stan Lee's latest cameo (in Thor: Raganarok) is his best, I reckon.

Agreed. And he still has that teenage enegry about him which is great to see.

That movie was one of the better ones in this genre too. Definitely recommend it.

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I forgive Mr. Lee because of how long ago it has been, but the name that he and Mr Ditko gave this character is "Spider-Man" not "Spiderman".

And yes, I'm itching to see Ragnarok as well.


(which is also the New York state motto)

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Steve Ditko was sort of forgotten for a long time. It's good that he now gets the credit he deserves. From fans, at least.

Seems we have some DC fans lurking on this thread, btw ;-)

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Stan Lee is one of many American writer/artists who's family fled persecution in Europe and came to settle in the US. And we can count ourselves lucky for their talent.

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I've never been particularly interested in superheros, even as a kid, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with having that interest.

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If Stan's output isn't your cuppa, I recommend Chris Ware, Joe Sacco, Guy Delisle, Daniel Clowes, Art Spiegleman, Marjane Satrapi. More grounded in the "real world".

But the kudos for the modern comic movement lies with people like Lee & Ditko, Bob Kane, Siegel and Shuster.

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its a comic who cares

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So was Oblivion, Road to Perdition, Men in Black, A History of Violence, Persepolis, American Splendor, Kingsman, 300, Atomic Blonde, Sin City, Blade, The Crow, From Hell, Cowboys & Aliens, The Mask, Scott Pilgrim Vs the World...

The USA, Japan and France have a lengthy and successful history with sequential art and often lucrative, too.

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Got to meet the man at con and photo with him

Showed him we shared one of the names, and he was pleasantly surprised, lol

He's getting up there in age, so meet him while ya still can

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