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'The Full Monty' returns 25 years on, with its politics laid bare


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Since the movie English workers wore their politics on their sleeve going "Full Brexit" with "King Boris" while across the Pond American blue-collars went mooning democracy with "Full King Trump" - that's the sad, naked truth of capitalism's bare cupboard of populism for the toiling majority and the poor.

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Looking forward to it! The Full Monty was a great movie and Robert Carlyle is a fantastic actor in everything he is in.

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Things don't improve for ordinary folk trying to get by, as you can gauge from the dramatic response. See also 'Auf Wiedersehen, Pet' (1983-4; 1986; 2002; 2004) and Alan Bleasdale's mesmerising 'Boys from the Blackstuff' (1982).

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The Sheffield strippers of “The Full Monty” return 25 years on, in a new TV series that wears its politics on its sleeve.

Politics in place of a good script.

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I'm a fan of Carlyle, he was great in "To end all wars".

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Capitalism accepts that some people must be made unemployed, made redundant, yet the people who haven't lost their job or paid taxes seem to blame those people for the nation's problems as though it is their fault. This was a great movie with some social truth. Its just such a shame that these very people who complain the loudest, think people who are unemployed are lazy, when they are not, and that if companies keep them in a job, and are overstaffed, aren't efficient. Well, I guess we can't have it both ways. I'd rather the companies keep people on,(instead of focusing on share holders ) and give them a wage, so they pay taxes, support their family and spend and pay sales tax, and give people dignity,

Looking forward to this. The time is right to see these men again.

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The central social observation of the original movie was the reversal of the gender roles. The collapse of heavy, male-dominated industries had resulted in the unemployed men becoming dependents of the employed women who were working in the rising female-dominated industries. This reversal reached its culmination when the only role men could find was to demean themselves as sex objects for the dominant females. It was not a movie about success but one about subjugation and acceptance of worthlessness. It will be interesting to see what theme - if any - the series develops.

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It got a terrible review in the press in the U.K.

Hard pass.

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