007 settlement hints at Blofeld's return


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I am not sure whether this was an error or I am misunderstanding this, but Blofeld does appear in the Bond novels. The name comes from a school friend of Fleming's, and Blofeld's son, Henry, is a cricket commentator working for the BBC.

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It's an error. The villain is in two books.

They're referring to the Spectre head as portrayed in the films...

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Blofeld's return? How? Didn't he get killed at the beginning of For Your Eyes Only? I swear Bond dropped him down the chimney of a factory. Well, maybe I'm wrong. If he is returning, then that'll be interesting. He was a pretty good villain all in all.

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"Never Say Never Again" isn't the only Bond film left out of the series: David Niven's "Casino Royale" is also missing. Okay so it's a spoof... still uses the characters and title :)

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007's enemies have become less credible of late, and the PC crowd will be against Middle East, Chinese, the 'stans and other country enemies. The quest for world domination was always a good theme, though Telly Savalas and Kurt Jurgens were rather less frightening. SPECTRE - shaken, not stirred!

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The McClory family’s law firm said McClory created the iconic character, Ernst Stavro Blofeld and the global terrorist organization he headed, SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion), which were not part of the original novels.

If it's a mistake, then the lawyers made it. (Wait... lawyers don't tell the truth?!?!? SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!!)

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next time, kill that cat too. Dogs are better pet

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I think Blofeld was in Fleming's novels Thunderball (Largo's boss), On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (Blofeld killed Bond’s wife) and You Only Live Twice (Bond killed Blofeld). I was always under the impression that Fleming had thought up the character just like all the others in the novels...

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The new Blofels should be played by Bruce Willis.

"next time, kill that cat too"

Har! I mean, hey! That cat didn't do anything wrong!

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Big budget movies are getting so boring as they constantly re-hash the same stuff.. like this year Superman had General Zod (again) and Star Trek had Khan again. This would just be another case where you might as well watch the superior original.

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Even though Blofeld could now appear I just don't see it happening.

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