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10 troubled, triumphant years for the Michael Jackson estate


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I saw Leaving Neverland a few weeks ago. I had never payed any attention to the accusations or the trials against Michael Jackson through the last two decades of his life. Always thought it was a few crazed fans or greedy people close to him....

But if you watch that documentary, get read to be moved. the brutal truth is just undeniable. I cannot see, or listen to, Michael Jackson under the same light.

The "Michael Jackson Estate" might be alive and booming, but the man got away with many sick crimes...

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Jackson, like most abusers, was hiding in plain sight.

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I just don’t think those two guys in Leaving Neverland can make up that stuff and fake the pains they went through - the eyes tearing up, the swallow of saliva as you’re trying to keep you’re composure, the distraught look of trying to explain why you did something or didn’t do something years ago when you were a boy victim. It was real. There many other testimonies by the families.

Michael was a music cultural icon and a pedophile. These don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

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Whatever the real situation is, leave the dead alone.

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Funny how the fact that Jackson was a child molester gets pushed to the bottom the article where it is basically noted as if it was nothing more than a business hiccup facing the people running the estate and not the horrendous crime it is. And also those people running his estate are the only ones quoted in regards to the allegations despite their obvious motivation to deny them regardless of the facts.

I’ll never listen to Jackson’s music again.

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Micheal was never ever convicted of a crime. I'd like everyone to remember that fact.

I've been of the opinion he was guilty all along myself.

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Trial by docu-TV.

yes, never mind that he was consistently found not guilty in real courts of law.

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You don't have to believe the two kids/adults from Leaving Neverland. There's a line of people stretched across the nation, included NJ himself who will attest to the guy sleeping in the same bed as children. It's not tolerated by every day people on the street, but it's ok for MJ because he's "special", "different from us common folk", or "on a different wave length"? TOTAL BS. He's admitted sharing his bed, encouraging kids to join him in bed. If this is not a case of smoke = fire, then nothing is.

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The alleged criminal abuse both these men endured as children is appalling. I admit I could not stomach Documentary Leaving Neverland to reach the conclusion of the first horrifying instalment.

Equally shocking is the fact as adults, Wade Robson and James Safechuck testified under oath that Michael Jackson never engaged in any sexual activity that could be deemed inappropriate.

Had Robson and Safechuck not admitted acts of alleged purgatory in the 2005 criminal trial, that lead to Jackson aquittal on child molestation charges, the livelihood Jackson deviant behaviour and allegations of subsequent abuse to ensuing victims could well have been avoided.

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Those two guys lost any credibility saying they were not molested and then appearing in a documentary under paid roles and portray themselves as victims and a complete 180degree reversal to their initial testimony.

They were not under any duress when they made their initial testimony so why should I believe them in a documentary they are making tons of money from playing a role they have been asked to.

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

Those two guys lost any credibility saying they were not molested and then appearing in a documentary under paid roles 

Both were not paid for the documentary , check your facts.

Good lawyers and a lot of money got Michael off and it is disgraceful that he continued to abuse children.

The star struck parents were equally guilty, allowing their kids to be put in a position where they could be abused.

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Had both men not perjured (not purgatory) themselves submitting false testimonies in 2005 trail proceedings, Jackson could well have been convicted.

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The two accusers, I am sorry to say, can’t have two bites at the apple. In a legal filing they denied the allegations. Now they want everyone to believe they aren’t just looking for publicity and a payday. I personally believe that Jackson’s odd predilection for young children was a red flag for the possibility that he was a pedophile. That isn’t proof and these two accusers have only muddied the waters.

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Although the American court systems often make mistakes, they are usually one on mistakes and not multiple. I believe in the American system of justice. If MJ was put on trial here, no matter what you may think, he would have been convicted...and as we know many convictions here are not correct.

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Documentary was creepy AF.

I dunno, maybe he was a paedo, maybe he wasn't. I personally think he is, and its horrifying to think what he was able to get away with because some people saw him as the "second coming" or whatever.

Still, he was a good singer and dancer, even if he liked little boys.

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