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18-year-old Emi Takei 'graduates' as model for fashion magazine Seventeen


Popular model and actress Emi Takei, 18, has "graduated" from modeling for teen fashion magazine Seventeen.

Takei was given a send-off Friday at an event dubbed a "graduation ceremony" by the magazine's publishers. Takei has been modeling for the magazine for 5 years and 9 months.

A tearful Takei told reporters, "I wanted to stay a little longer." Takei said she plans to continue both acting and modelling. "I'd like to keep trying to do the things I enjoy," she said.

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I am looking forward to seeing her in the New Rurouni Kenshin movie this week.

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welcome to the adult world /s

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She can't model for them anymore because she is 18. But she has been with them for 5 years and 9 months.

Am I the only one here who can do math?

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I saw her teary eyed commercial and was wondering what the fuss was about. She looks older than 18 though

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The Japanese media is reporting that her contract ended when she turned 18. She wasn't able to resign her contract due to age and other restrictions stated in the first contract. As all other "seventeen"models before her, they all get a chance at 16...17 not older. Also, her requests were to continue to study and persue acting and modeling as her long term career. The truth is her contract ended with no possibility of extension or renewal. That's it.

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Why don't they just say she quit or was fired and be accurate.

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Popular model and actress Emi Takei, 18, has “graduated” from modeling for teen fashion magazine Seventeen......................I call this truth in advertising. She turned 18, so out of 17 magazine. Graduation indeed.

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Why do we have to over-glamorize an average looking girl getting out of the teen biz? The magazine publishers really try to bleed a turnip over here. It is ridiculous. I never saw such nonsense in other countries at all. Doesn't anyone understand they are trying to bleed this these average looking girls for every yen they can and that it is not that big of a deal. SMH!!!!

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if there's no pic, it didn't happen

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Why must we soften and sugar-coat everything, can't people handle reality anymore?

Call it what it is, she got sacked. She wanted to stay a little longer, but got shown the door. Sure it's unpleasant, hell it's downright humiliating, but it's the reality of the situation.

Deal with it.

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It seems like these "graduation ceremony" things are the flavour of the month now. You can graduate from a teen fashion magazine and also AKB 48 as well it seems. If you work part-time at 7-11 and quit your job,not sure if you would get a "graduation ceremony" though!

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“I’d like to keep trying to do the things I enjoy,”

Good words.

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