2 comedians suspended by agency for performing at gang party


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Oh japan when will you stop being so superfical?

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Someone should investigate Yoshimoto & their ties with the Yakuza.

i bet they aren’t squeaky clean

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And yet Frank Sinatra is worshipped in Japan, despite having been knees deep with the Mafia.

This whole thing is a joke. Are comedians and business owners expected to do a full background check on all of their paying customers? Do they cancel the whole show if they spot one yakuza in the audience?

The irony of politicians, entertainment agencies and police, so many of whom work closely with gangs, singling out a pair of young comedians.

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commanteer the consumers don't care about consistency, fairness and justice so neither do they. Did I say consumers? I meant to say sheeple. These people know how to work the sheeple and get what they want at the same time and all while ensure the sheeple never wise up....the few of us who understand can't change it without dedicating our lives to the change....and we won't.

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The two were invited to the party by a comedian from another agency, and had accepted payment for their attendance, Yoshimoto Kogyo said.

They're just livid these two dared to accept this invite from another agency and that the agency didn't have the respect to go through them first so they could get their cut

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Yoshimoto shud close its doors!  Do the right thing!

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The two suspended comedians should just pack it up and start their own organization. They can perform for anyone they choose. Others will follow and no one will work for Yoshimoto. Problem solved.

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And yet Frank Sinatra is worshipped in Japan

I guarantee that is the first time these infantile no-marks have ever been compared to Sinatra.

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tooheysnewToday  09:40 am JST

Someone should investigate Yoshimoto & their ties with the Yakuza.

I strongly agree with your opinion. You really understand the profession of being a comedian.

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No laughing matter. J-Style.

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Wasn't there a photograph of them here on JT just the other day posing with Prime Minister Abe' Shinzo? Time for everyone to publicly distance themselves from each other again. As usual the little guys get left carrying the can.

Personally speaking I generally enjoy their slapstick stage comedies, though my J wife hates them.

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They’re on now!

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