2006 Miss Universe runner-up Kurara Chibana to become World Food Program ambassador


The World Food Program WFP) has named Kurara Chibana, a model and TV personality who was runner-up in the 2006 Miss Universe contest, as its first Japanese ambassador.

WFP assistant executive director Elisabeth Rasmusson made the announcement at a news conference with Chibana in Tokyo on Friday.

Chibana has been a special supporter for the WFP since 2007 which has taken Chibana to African countries such as Tanzania and Zambia. “I always wanted an opportunity to go to impoverished countries and see for myself the conditions and encounter locals,” Chibana said.

Chibana is involved in the WFP's school project that provides meals at schools in areas hit by poverty or disaster. “It has become such an important part of me that I can’t talk about my life without mentioning it," she said.

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Good for her.

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Great woman who seems to truly care about the underprivileged. One of my favorite celebrities.

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I sometimes think these posters on the trains are to make most of the people feel like, 'hey, we are contributing to the international community!' we aren't selfish people who feel our race is more superior than others. Especially to the younger and ignorant generation. If she married someone from over there, then I would believe her.

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More celebs and privileged people need to do the same. Spread the chedda

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