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2024 Grammys preview: Five big questions ahead of Sunday’s award show


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A self-aggrandizing awards show with a feel-good atmosphere. Still an awards show. #31 of the year. I don't think I'll watch it. Don't care who gets the best outfit for men on the red carpet is.

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The sixth big question is: who’s gonna watch it?

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40 years ago when I was in HS as a senior, Michael Jackson was the ultra-winner with an unprecedented 8 Grammys. That feat wouldn't be met again until U2 did it in 2004. By that time it was easy, U2 had no worthy competition at all while in 1984 MJ had a lot of really good competition.

But it's 2024. Which of the nominees of today are even worth the time?

Texas A&M AggieToday  11:19 am JST

The sixth big question is: who’s gonna watch it?

Yes. Who truly gives a **** now? Nobody's going to remember anything from this one.

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It's on pay TV- they pay you to watch it!

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Victoria Monét ’s “Hollywood” is a great song.

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The Whammy awards!! A place where those egos in the theater room will be larger than life! Where the audience falsely clap for the winners who beat them? Do you really think they are happy the other person won and they didn't? Kanye showed us that some years back.

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Snore! Lots of self congratulation and bragging.

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It used to be about music quality. Now it is about branding and diversity. Hard Pass!

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