20th Century Fox to create musicals from its films


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glee was extremely successful, why not bring this to the big screen?

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Why can't Hollywood or anyone just take a break for a while? Just take a big step back and reevaluate all the decision whether good or bad and do something original. I feel that in the US independent movies are always much better but regular theaters won't hardly show them. Look at Life of PI. A completely Indepent movie but did much better overseas then in the states. Let people express their creativity instead of just wanting to make more money from garbage movies. Movies doesn't always bring happiness.

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Those are just examples of what is on Fox's roster, not necessarily films that have been cherry picked for transformation.

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Two words: oh dear.

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They can definitely make some good musicals with all they've got out there, but the potential exists for a whole lot of very BAD ideas. I Robot and Cocoon? Seriously?? Kind of reminds me of the Simpson's episode when they make Planet of the Apes the Musical (with the classic "Dr. Zaeus" song made from "(Rock Me) Amadeus"!).

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I, Robot, tra la la.... nah, you go ahead and start without me.

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Now we know what comes after having the same 20-30 actors/actresses (and their family/relations) do remakes, sequels and ridiculous films of old comic books until our eyes bleed: it is having the same 20-30 actors/actresses (and their family/relations) do MUSICAL remakes, sequels and ridiculous films of old comic books.

Sheer genius!

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How about Rupert Murdoch, the Musical?

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I want to see Alien - The Musical. Once the other studios get in on this (as they will as mst of Hollywood is rip-offs, copies and me-too-ism), can't wait for the musical of Terminator. Ooooo. How about Resident Evil - the Musical?

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This seems exceedingly silly.

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As far as I'm concerned the only good musicals were The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music, but I do confess I'm totally looking foward to a musical version of Predator.

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