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24th Tokyo International Film Festival to open with 'The Three Musketeers'


The Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) committee has announced that "The Three Musketeers," directed by Paul W.S. Anderson ("Resident Evil" and "Mortal Kombat"), has been selected as the official opening film for the 24th festival. Based on the classic novel by Alexandre Dumas, the film is a powerful action adventure update in 3-D, starring Logan Lerman, Milla Jovovich, Orlando Bloom and Christoph Waltz.

Organizers said that Jovovich, 35, and Lerman will attend the opening ceremony at Roppongi Hills. The festival runs from Oct 22 until Oct 30. "The Three Musketeers" will open nationwide on Oct 28.

The rest of the film festival's line-up will be announced in September.

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Can't they find anything better to open with than this?

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Can't they find anything better to open with than this?

Apparently not...and that's SAD.

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Ugh...! More 3-frackin'-D. Now there's a scam that gone well past it's sell-by date.

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How many versions of the 3 Musketeers do we need I wonder?

Oh, I guess the Michael York version does not have enough completely impossible and ridiculously stupid stunts complete with raging fires and explosions and anachronisms and unfunny one-liners to satisfy today's brain dead audience.

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I'm thinking it could be a lot worse!!! Thank the lucky star they didn't open with another Godzilla flick.

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