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3 former members of SMAP to leave talent agency


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Free(will) at last!

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The sole purpose of the agencies is to prevent talent freely reaching the market, and to extort the maximum amount of money from the TV channels by strictly controlling the supply. At the same time they control all access to the media by the so-called talent. It's a monopoly on both sides, ensuring the worst possible outcome for all.

With ancient specimens like these though, not they have any talent having grown up in the system, what they do have is name recognition, meaning they no longer need the agencies and the agencies would struggle to control them. Appearances in the media likely to be sharply curtailed, however, for anyone daring to take on the machine.

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old kimtaku betrayed his buds.

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It's not just that Johnny's near monopoly on "talent" allows the company to control creativity. It also allows them to control the lives of their artists from an early age, including (allegedly) sexual exploitation.

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Do boy band members leave home as men?

I would hope so. At least as adults who can make choices who can make proper choices (albeit in their 40s)

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Nakai was bought off to remain so kimtaku wont be seen as such a traitor to the group , and a let-down for all those hoping for a change in the sexually exploitative idol industry.

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