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3 members of K-pop sensation BTS diagnosed with COVID-19


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lot of single letters in the article with their names. Can’t they spell words?

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And this is news why?

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publicly calling out anti-Asian racism

East Asians crying 'Racism'- Pot, kettle, black.

Getting to No.1 repeatedly on the official charts in the US and a host of other western nations hardly smacks or racism. Do foreign groups get to No.1 in South Korea- Oh, I forgot, Korean artists are set apart from the foreign competition, who are excluded- same in Japan. Heaven forbid a level playing field like western nations have.

And do foreigners with or without COVID-19 get to travel around the world freely like BTS, and enter South Korea unhindered- No.

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Time for test!

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Do foreign groups get to No.1 in South Korea- Oh, I forgot, Korean artists are set apart from the foreign competition, who are excluded- same in Japan.

Foreign artists do get to no.1 in Japan.

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Sindhoor GKToday  07:52 pm JST

Foreign artists do get to no.1 in Japan.

Find me one: you can't in the last 25 odd years, apart from CoVID-19 champs BTS ('fellow' East Asians: Japan can play nice if enough money is involved) of course. Oh, you must be a 'Flashdance (what a feeling)' fan. The Nolans? Daniel Boone? Ring any bells?

"This is a list of songs that have peaked at number-one on the Oricon Singles Chart, the preeminent singles chart in Japan, which was created in 1967, and monitors the number of physical single purchases of the most popular singles."


How about the Billboard, then.


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The importance of the news is not so much about the health of the members that were infected, since it is very likely they will have no special problem, the real importance is in the infection of people that supposedly are following every precaution in the book, which obviously shows that this is not the case.

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BTS are mostly popular among south-east asians and hispanics, so they have a lot to say on racism against those communities.

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A "breakthrough" group!

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I don't get what appeal these 'bands' really have. Sell a big blocky case with a CD containing 5 or 6 tracks, and big cutesy-wutsy postcards in them. And they don't even play instruments for crying out loud.

I've seen true bands from East Asis - Shonen Knife from Japan (punk - 4 times), Acid Mothers Temple (Japanese psychedelic) and 57 (pronounced 'oh chill', K-rock) and the HU from Mongolia. They all sing their lyrics, write their songs and play them.

Is that too much to ask from anyone? Oh yes, and then Japan has Boris. The Orient rocks, let's see them!

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