4th in 'Beverly Hills Cop' series being shot in Detroit


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Now I have the theme stuck in my head.

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Proof that hollywood is fresh out of fresh ideas.

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So Star Wars picks up 30 years later and Beverly Hills Cop is doing the same. Axel Foley quits the Beverly Hills PD after 30 years and moves back to DETROIT?! Yeah, that's TOTALLY realistic. (cue the theme song for "The Jeffersons" with slightly modified lyrics...)

yeah we're movin' on DOWN to the East Side...

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I know Eddie Murphy's in desperate need of a box office hit, but still, another Beverly Hills Cop?

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I would like to see it "now". This summer.

John Galt, you look just like that miserable one. Need fresh wardrobe?

Go, Murph. Rock Detroit.

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As if the last two weren't punishment enough...

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Foley character leaves his work as a Beverly Hills police detective

Actually the press release is incorrect. The Foley character was never a Beverly Hills police detective, he was a Detroit police detective who traveled to Beverly Hills. The rest of the article makes sense because Detroit is a cold place not Beverly Hills.

The first movie was great, the second was okay, the third movie was garbage. Maybe they can do a reboot or something beats me.

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I guess it was inevitable, pretty much every 80s movie is getting dug up and re-booted these days.

I really loved the first one, but the third one was terrible.

I will watch this one only if it has Bronson Pinchot as Serge in it.

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I'm waiting for Back to the future 4, due in Nov 2015...

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And the plot could have been a terror strike destroying multiple city blocks of Detroit with a mere $200,000 budget. Homes in Detroit are selling for peanuts if at all. Many are dozed down for ease of care. Heck maybe Detroit could donate the homes for Hollywood to destroy and clean up free.

Don't know how this will turn out. Most cases the original is best and can't be beat.

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Can the producers find Beverly Hill type mansions only type city in Michigan? It is hard to take So. Calif. scenes in Mich, Hot and warm So. Calif. Streets are full with foreign brand named limos, sport cars. Beverly Hill does not have ghettos, not even middle class type houses. Extremely wealthy Beverly Hill. Rodeo Drive. The producers have to find Beverly Hill type housings. then Limos and sport cars, not GM Ford Chrysler type cars. Mansions that has view of Pacific Oceans from 3rd floor windows. Also, huge gardens, swimming pools, and spas in back of main building. A majority of BH mansions have elevators in their houses.

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Foley should search for Sugarman and the roots of Motown. Detroit has returned to the state of a jewel in the rough.

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