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5 post-apocalyptic anime to watch while social distancing

By Limarc Ambalina

With government-enforced lockdowns around the world due to COVID-19, now is as good a time as ever to binge watch some anime. Post-apocalyptic anime, in particular, mirror the times we’re living in with themes centered around the nature of humanity and fragility of human society.

Many people are drawn to the post-apocalyptic genre, not because they love scary stories, but because of the unique form of escapism the genre offers. After all, an apocalypse is the only scenario where people are free of societal expectations, laws, and rules.

Go ahead and lose yourself in one of these post-apocalyptic anime while you’re at home practicing social distancing.

1. Gantz: O

Highly-acclaimed manga series, "Gantz" has spawned an anime adaptation, three films, and a video game. "Gantz: O" is the CGI anime film based on the Osaka Arc of the original manga.

The film follows Kato, a high school boy who lives alone with his younger brother. On the way home, he hears reports of strange creatures attacking people in Tokyo. At the train platform, Kato sees an old man being attacked by an armed assailant. When everyone else runs away, Kato charges in and gets stabbed during the altercation.

He later wakes up in a mysterious apartment surrounded by strangers who break the news to him—he’s dead. Not only is he dead, but he must participate in a survival game to rid Japan of the mysterious creatures invading Tokyo and Osaka.

Akin to "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children," the art in "Gantz: O" is incredibly beautiful and you should watch the film just to see the amazing CGI they were able to pull off. The monsters are grotesque and the action scenes are incredibly thrilling. For those who enjoyed films like "Battle Royale" or "The Hunger Games," "Gantz: O" will be right up your alley.

2. Highschool of the Dead


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Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind should be in here

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Obviously these are for people who are allowed up socially distance/self isolate, so basically everyone OUTSIDE Japan (at time of press), right?

1 ( +2 / -1 )

@Paul Laimal-Convoy

My thoughts exactly...This is such a tone deaf article to write. There is NO SUCH THING as social distancing or lockdowns in Japan...Please know your audience!

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Saikano. Such a disturbing, beautiful anime.

The first person you start to love is a deadly weapon used in the ongoing war.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

Skin-tight suits should be the norm, lol

High School of the Dead has the best zombie bullet scene of all time:

Now and Then, Here and There - everyone got what they deserve in the end

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