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50 years after his death, Paris remembers Jim Morrison

By Philippe GRELARD

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For a musician who died 50 year's ago, his music is still current like it came out today. We need a artist like him now who could write some really good protest songs, RIP Jim

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A lot of musical artists, especially Americans, have overdosed and died in Europe. It's been speculated that the drugs in Europe are of a much stronger variety than in the U.S. because in America the mafia groups weaken them by cutting them up and diluting them in the process to enhance their own profits.

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Wow, was just listening to Waiting for the Sun yesterday...fantastic record. California Cool at its peak. Talk about feeling anemoia! I can only imagine what the So Cal beach scene was like back in the mid 60s...Venice, Topanga Canyon, Malibu Colony...

All the Doors albums are amazing. They should've been much, much more popular than they were, which seems strange to say but it's true. Bigger than Jesus, even!

Never got into the Full Myth of Jim; he was good looking, and an innovative lead man in a really great band, but he also destroyed himself without any good reason. Sigh. At times I feel like Jim was channeling a 60s psychedelic version of Frank Sinatra into his lyrics/half-spoken, half sun singing, which only adds to the surrealism. But then he screams and...yeah, that ain't Frankie, baby!

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He certainly had the looks and the presence, but I must admit I struggle to listen to Doors albums in full. Some great tracks though. Roadhouse Blues and Peace Frog are excellent.

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 At times I feel like Jim was channeling a 60s psychedelic version of Frank Sinatra into his lyrics/half-spoken, half sun singing, which only adds to the surrealism. But then he screams and...yeah, that ain't Frankie, baby!

Maybe a psychedelic Elvis. Or a protopunk icon. He does seem to be a god for some of these people, doesn't he? And I don't think he would've gone for that.

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It's really not difficult to find his grave

I've been there twice.

You just follow the obvious people who are looking for it.

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Such a loss.

I was thrilled when my daughter was accepted to his alma mater for uni.

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The Doors were amazing. Saw them at the Shrine, twice. Tickets were all sold out. Jim was stoned out of his mind. Not worth it, in my opinion. I would have liked him to stick around a lot longer.

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A truly great singer, a truly great band. I always thought Ray Manzarek held the whole thing together and was also a genius, but Jim Morrison was essential, too.

We are lucky that all they concerts were recorded, so that in addition to the studio albums there is loads of live material.

If any Doors fans read this, I would like to recommend you search for a Dutch cover band called The Doors Alive.

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Feel sorry for the families of the other deceased in this cemetery in Paris - his grave site has been turned into a shrine with tourists blasting out some of the greatest hits from The Doors.

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So many good songs easy to listed to and make real sense. Jim was a head of his time and still is ahead of our time too, RIP Jim.

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The grave is not hard to find at all. There are numerous maps of the cemetery showing where famous peoples' Graves are located and in this particular case whenever I have been there there has always been a throng of people around it. Iit is true that it is not a large grave, unlike others there. It is a beautiful place for a visit

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His music will never die and what a voice. Compared to today's whingers? "Let it roll, all night long", JIm.

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Always visit when I’m in Paris. The doors music changed my life and will always hold special meaning. RIP Mr Mo Jo Risin!

I am troubled, immeasurably

by your eyes. 

I am struck by the feather

of your soft reply.

The sound of glass

speaks quick, disdain

and conceals

what your eyes fight

to explain.

Jim Morrison

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Jean de Breteuil died young but not young enough: Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin might have lived but for de Breteuil.

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I happened to run to Morrison's tomb in  Pere-Lachaise. It was austere and simple, maybe deceptively simple. It was untouched unlike Oscar Wilde's tomb, covered with penciled and inked well-wishes, which he could have used after his infamous trial.

The Doors were my absolute favorites in the 60's. It was not exactly rock. It was not exactly anything of this world.

Sad Morrison died so young. It was the dope. Not a good death.

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They had few decent songs but Morrison clearly had a death wish, according to a psychologist friend who wrote a paper on his lyrics while at university. Jean de Breteuil was a monster though, a truly evil man.

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 I must admit I struggle to listen to Doors albums in full.

They could be hit and miss, but that's the nature of artists who are pushing themselves. Easy to crank out a bunch of stuff in a genre the fans expect. Many bands do that, and slowly become a cover band of themselves. Like cranking out Big Macs.

The Doors tried lots of stuff, some of it sounded corny, some didn't work. But they were out there trying. And among the less successful experiments, they made some unforgettable music.

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