5,000 movie extras take part in 'Princess Toyotomi'


Last Saturday and Sunday, 5,000 men braved the heat to take part as extras in the upcoming movie, "Princess Toyotomi," which stars Haruka Ayase and Masaki Okada.

The film tells the story of a group of government auditors who find out that Osaka is operating as an independent country known as “Osaka Kingdom,” headquartered beneath the real-life Osaka castle. For the scene, filmmakers blocked off a 250-meter area surrounding the castle.

The extras will appear as an army of soldiers tasked with protecting an important object for the fictional realm.

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Yup! Lucky if they get a lousy bottle of water and a cold bento for lunch!

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I think they might've gotten a bottle of water and a bento. But not much else in the way of pay.

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No, no, some people here do not know Japanese movie companies, they pay extras PEANUTS!! IF they even get paid at all! No unions, no benefits, hey just be happy to get your extra behind on the silver screen up their with your idols, and sadly enough many Japanese WOULD PAY themselves to be on tv or in movies, me no Texas and no 1 of 5,000 extras in hot and humid Osaka in the middle of this horrible weather!

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Knowing Japanese companies im sure they got paid a lot.

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With the possible chance of seeing Haruka Ayase, I would do it.

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Move to Texas; you'll get the gulf humidity and summers with 110 degree temperatures for 100 days straight. It's misserable. I can only imagine having 5thousand bodies packed around you to add to that stress. haha.

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I was an extra in the 1980's movie "Contact". No speaking lines and the only thing you can see of me is the top of my head. Two days of work for a total of about 22 hours (12 the first day and 10 the second). It netted me around $750 back then. I have no idea what the rates are now or whether Japanese companies pay is similar to Hollywood.

We got to work indoors, though.

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I would never want to be an extra in this heat. I wonder how much they got paid to be an extra. Knowing Japanese companies, not vey much.

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I am sure with all of this HEAT and HUMIDITY it must have been so much fun to be one of these random 5,000 movie extras!

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