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85 countries vie for foreign language film Oscar


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Since this is Japan Today, I will add that of the 85 entries, Japan's entry is titled, "Nagasaki: Memories of My Son," directed by Yoji Yamada.

It looks like a good film. Here is the trailer (1:27):

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The academy will make a preliminary cut later this year before announcing five finalists in January>.

From this article, looks like the 5 finalists have pretty much already been selected as 85 entries in dozens of different languages would require a huge amount of resources from the already stretched Academy.

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Best "Foreign" Language Movie?

English is a foreign language for people from Yemen, just as Arabic is a foreign language for us Brits.

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@BertieWooster It makes sense from the country the academy awards is situated in, but not to offend the rabid internet users, maybe they should call it the best Non-English speaking movie/film.

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Best non- English doesn't worth if the foreign film is in English.

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Best non- English doesn't worth if the foreign film is in English.

How is a 'foreign language film' (from US perspective) going to be in English?

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I love Almodovar. Sounds from the opening like he's got pretty much top billing. Can't say anything until I've seen the films, though. Verhoeven is good, too.

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