Amazon film recounts epic meeting of Cassius Clay, Sam Cooke, Malcolm X, Jim Brown

By Sarah Mills

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Fictional recount of an actual event that has no recorded account. What could go wrong? Now this is going to serve as a historical anchor point for those who don’t know it’s fiction.

Might as well throw in Sidney Poitier to round things out.

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They didn't mention it so I don't know but did they talk to Jim Brown? He is still alive and it would be much better viewing if they could have gotten anything out of him.

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I heard a good review of this from a friend. He mentioned about Malcolm X mentioning Bob Dylan's 'blowing In the Wind'. This might be worth the time.

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The meeting did occur!!

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Look forward to seeing this.

And so what if it's fictional, if you've seen the play/film Insignificance, you'll appreciate this what if type of drama is a whole sub-genre.

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