Directing 'Solo' a daunting task, says Ron Howard

By Frankie Taggart

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A daunting task indeed with the same SJW Disney execs breathing down your neck trying to destroy the franchise

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Early reviews are mostly positive.

The one's partially critical only say that it starts a little slow but gets good by the second act.

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Think he’s a director that can do the job.

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Should've asked Lucas to step in and direct... lol

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Sure he popular, but he's no Stanley Kubrick. Just a run of the mill director for the masses.

Howard has no individual signature in his movies, except for those annoying and predictable overplayed crescendos.

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Oh happy days!

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Journeyman director who is surely up to the job of reproducing all theb Star Wars clichés.

Plus why does he never take his stupid baseball cap off?

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I think it will be popcorn entertainment but perhaps not up to the standards of the last 3. I hope to be proven wrong on my viewing...

And why do we get it a month later, the other Star Wars films always get the same release here as the rest of the world?

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I'm optimistic. We know it can't be worse than the last one.

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