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Disney unveils global family-friendly streaming service

By Lisa Richwine

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Sony‘s Disney brought Doraemon to India, so global means close to 200 country‘s.

Growth it is.

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Disney is a monster of a company. They can literally bleed money to outlast Netflix. This Disney service will be every parent’s nightmare. I can picture my two daughters now.

On a side note.

entire library of "The Simpsons."

Does that mean the Michael Jackson episode is making a comeback?

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This all well for children and parents with children. Then again Disney is just too childish for most of the worlds children. I would rather watch AKB 48!

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Useless for any adult person.

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I just want to know is Punisher coming back?

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I just want to know is Punisher coming back?

Sadly, no. Here is a link:

All of the Marvel/Netflix series have been cancelled.

I'm really not happy about the cancellation of Daredevil.

I think the whole Marvel/Disney relationship is going to be a disaster.

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I just want to know is Punisher coming back?

You wouldn’t like it if it did. You just said a second ago that Disney ruins everything. So why do you care?

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