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Toru Ota, executive vice president of Fuji TV, 2nd from left, poses with representatives from bilibili (China), far left, Skybound Entertainment (U.S.) 2nd from right, and Kakao Entertainment (South Korea) on Thursday. Image: Fuji TV

Fuji TV announces global strategy, tying up with companies from China, S Korea and U.S.


Fuji TV announced on Thursday its plan to expand its global business in all directions, from production and media tie-ups to infrastructure development.

The network made the announcement at an event as part of TIFFCOM, the largest broadcasting and video international event in Asia. Representatives from Skybound Entertainment (U.S.), bilibili (China) and Kakao Entertainment (South Korea) attended the event.

Toru Ota, executive vice president of Fuji TV, said the network and Kakao Entertainment will produce secondary works, such as joint productions of the IP of the two companies in the form of Webtoons and videos. The two companies will work together to create works that will be developed globally from Japan and South Korea, turning Fuji TV's original IP into Webtoons and web novels, and turning Kakao Entertainer's Webtoon and Web novel IP into videos.

As their first collaborative project, they will coproduce a Japanese version of "Aqua Man," a Korean blockbuster drama that got about 200 million views on Kakao Page and Kakao Webtoon. Details of the broadcasting/streaming schedule and the drama's cast will be announced at a later date.

In another project, Fuji will co-produce the graphic novel series, "Heart Attack" by Skybound Entertainment, remaking it as a Japanese drama. In addition, the two companies will focus on expanding their IP, such as by coproducing Fuji TV's drama IP into American versions.

In cooperation with bilibili, Fuji TV has established a new anime time slot called, "B8station," going on air late at night. It will broadcast the Japanese dubbed version of the popular anime "Link Click" which has reached 160 million total views just four months after it was released. The two companies plan to coproduce "Link Click" as a Japanese drama, and they will also coproduce Fuji TV's drama IP as Chinese anime.

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