Ghibli fans flock to rural Australian bakery

By Anna Watanabe

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Here is a link to some pictures of the bakery:


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Looks nothing like it.

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It's a simple phenomenon of people seeing what they want to see.

As many have observed, the bakery looks nothing like the one in the animated movie, and no one from the Japanese studio ever visited Tasmania or confirmed it was modeled after (though according to one article, the owner said that parts of the bakery used to look similar before they installed a refrigerated counter).

My guess is that 25 years ago (according to some accounts), some Japanese tourists thought the bakery resembled the one in the anime. And we all know how these things seem to have a life of its own and spread and become what it is today.

Same thing happened with the town of Jiufen in Taiwan. The myth still persists today that this town was the inspiration for several scenes in "Spirited Away," but that was debunked years ago by none other than Hayao Miyazaki himself. That hasn't stopped the town of Jiufen from capitalizing on the rumor, and many of its shops sell items from the anime. Same thing with this bakery in Ross, I doubt the owner is going to complain about the extra business he gets from the publicity.

Totally harmless and fun in a way.

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I think amazon should make a drone with Kiki figure balloon on top of it, which delivers stuff.

That'll do.

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