Japanese film star Kirin Kiki braces herself for life's final act

By Mai Yoshikawa

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I've always liked Kiki. I had no idea this was happening to her. After reading this pretty informative article (especially from JT) I've gained even more respect for her.

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Wow. Interesting woman.

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Great lady and a wonderful attitude to life. A true inspiration.

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She's terrific. I especially like her in Koreeda's films.

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What an inspiring woman!

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Great actress hailed at Cannes 2018 with the team of 'Shoplifters'


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That's a quality article, Kiki's candour is quite refreshing. Kudos to the journo/interviewer, superb job.

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Great lady and a wonderful attitude to life. A true inspiration.

Yes, I hope I can be as brave as she is when my time comes. A great actress as well.

her husband of 40-plus years whom she hardly sees

Having once endured an hour in his company I can understand this completely.

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Wonderful actress and I always enjoy her candor, wit, and the way she lives life on her own terms. I still remember when she showed up at an awards show or movie premier or some such big event wearing a decades-old dress, no jewelry etc. She doesn’t appear in TV dramas these days but does show up on TV “variety” shows when it’s time to promote her latest movie. Saw her on several just recently.

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For those who don’t know, her son-in-law is Motoki, the lead in the film Departures.

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Pretty admirable woman, and a fine actor.

Not sure this is something to be proud of, though:

"...is a woman who remains fiercely private and even distances herself from her own family, including her husband of 40-plus years whom she hardly sees and her only daughter, who lives in England"

If it's a happy arrangement, then fine. But it's almost painted as a positive thing in the article.

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What Wild grass? sage, thyme, dill, parsley etc? Would love to make one for my mother.

Great actress though, Still Walking!

(Motoki was also great in movie Fancy Dance)

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Finally. A real journalist, great story made better by the professional work of the journalist. Just as impressive as the lady. Very selfish but direct.also that, exceptional. 2 great hope giving facts in one

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Not a great singer by any means, but she had a couple of Top-10 hits on the Japanese pop music charts as the other half of the 郷ひろみ&樹木希林 duo back in the late 70s. I still remember all the lyrics to them. I was around 13 years old growing up in Tokyo. This article almost moved me to tears. I had NO idea. I hope she finds peace in the end. No more, no less.

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This might be the best article I've read in a very long while... went multiple times over it, quite a lot to digest...

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