Japanese idol singer Rino Sashihara to leave HKT48


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Gotta be the worst news of the year.

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Damn. Where do I go from here? Nothing could possibly fill that void!

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HKT48 also lost Miyawaki Sakura and Yabuki Nako, both of who are doing IZone full time and won't be coming back.

The are supposed to come back 2.5 years later, but it would be hard for them to come back after experiencing a jet-set life as K-Pop idols touring the world, then told to return to Fukuoka and continue life as locodols.

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I am very disappointed at this news. :-( Rino-chan is one of my favorite idols, along with Yabuki Nako. She is real cute. I hope this is not permanent retirement, and we can still watch her on TV variety shows and specials.

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Now time to grow up.

Sashihara, a 26-year-old four-time winner of the AKB48 family's annual popularity contest, ... "I decided (on leaving) a long time ago," a tearful Sashihara told the audience

If they do let her.

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What I hate more than the fact that there are an infinite number of idol groups in Japan, is the fake crying sniffling crap that goes on during a so-called retirement ceremony

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Hmmm, didnt knew she was still in HKT, she is already extremely popular on TV appearing on various variety shows, so not sure what the fuss is about. She is pretty funny btw.

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She's 26 already; time to move on from a high school look

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