Japanese makeup artist Tsuji, 2 colleagues win Academy Award


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Congratulations! Can't imagine how long it would have taken to make up Gary Oldman each day before shooting

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A well deserved award!!

The fact that Kazu was literally the 2nd or 3rd person Gary Oldman thanked when he won the Best Actor award speaks volumes.


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Oldmans transformation really makes this movie, he really did look like the Great Winston Churchill.

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I can think of worse things than spending hours in make-up getting pampered by Lucy Sibbick! Now that's a beautiful woman.

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Congrats to Oldman and the other winners on this film. It must be tough work turning a brilliant actor and decent man into such a despicable person.

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Gary Oldman has always been awesome. Well done Kazuhiro Tsuji, its fantastic work.

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What? He was involved in Norbit???!!!! One of my favourite feel-good movies. How you doin'?

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It's good to see a news story about the other people who contribute to these Movies apart from the Actors.

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Well done to all involved. Now that David Bowie, John Hurt and Mark E Smith are sadly no longer with us Gary Oldham must surely be the Greatest Living Englishman.

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Alfie do you read the telegraph by any chance?

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Alfie do you read the telegraph by any chance?

No, haven't read it for years. Hated its politics but the football coverage was quite good, as I remember.

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Congrats! Looking forward to seeing the film!

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Who made Winston Churchill from inside was Gary Oldman and from outside Kazuhiro Tsuji.

"We made an amazing film and I think we made history. So it's really meaningful to me." Very impressive his words,

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