Namie Amuro's DVD hits stores with 1.1 mil pre-orders ahead of her retirement


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namie amuro Final Tour 2018 Finally

Is it just me, or is that 'finally' a pretty cynical word to put in the title of something related to a star's retirement? Don't they usually thank their fans, or talk about the future, or the memories, or something like that? Maybe she should have titled it, "Thank God I'm done with you people."

With the spread of the internet and social networking services in the 21st century, which enabled singers to send out information on their private lives online, there is little chance of producing superstars whose admirers would fantasize about them, she said.

My Twitter feed would like to introduce this person to Doja Cat.

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Call it the "Last Chance to Cash In" tour. The Who pulled it off for the better part of 2 decades.

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i had the same reaction to “Finally” - but I thought it was something the public might say: “She’s retiring??? Finally!!!”

However, I think it’s just Engrish, like the annual slogans of “Twinkle Xmas” or “Hearty Xmas.”

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She's being allowed to retire? Will wonders ever cease?

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blvtzpkAug. 29  10:25 pm JST

However, I think it’s just Engrish, like the annual slogans of “Twinkle Xmas” or “Hearty Xmas.”

Very likely true. She's built a career out of misappropriating English, so I guess she's going out the way she came in.

I mean, "Body feels exit"? Come on.

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