Namie Amuro's fashion legacy lives on in memory, youth


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The time she made debut,Shibuya overflowed with the girls who imitated her fashion.

Though I'm a little older than the girls who called Amuraa,Amuro Namie is legend for me too(^^)

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Super cute. 40? Unreal. And her husband is 56 and doing very well for himself lol.

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She does look amazing ...never seems to age.

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marcelitoSep. 15 11:59 pm JSTShe does look amazing ...never seems to age.

Part of me says she could continue on doing what she's been doing, gracefully with age. Then again, she still looks like a woman and not a past-her-prime has-been like Madonna who not only hasn't done anything musically important since 1990 but now looks more like a construct than a woman.

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 She has "gone beyond a fashion icon" to being a "role model for women" on how they can live, Watanabe said.

Absolutely! Amuro is the role model for Heisei women who are looking to create their own lives and free from societal pressures. The authentic smile on Amuro while she is performing shows how she loves to inspire happiness in others to feel comfortable to create their own life.

I look forward to seeing what Amuro is planning for the next stage in her life.

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