Netflix's 'Bird Box' success gets Hollywood clucking


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I watched it. Meh. Two hours I won't get back.

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Agreed. Stupid and boring, not to put too fine a point on it. I lasted only 30 minutes then FFed to the pointless end.

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I watched it.

Could have been so much better. But it wasn't.

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Wasn't the greatest movie in the world, but a stellar cast, and it was a lot better than the posters above seem to be making out. I never would have gone to see it in a theater, but that's part of the point -- people are going to the theater less and less, and the quality of TV and movies you can watch at home with the original content these streaming services are providing is already putting the Big Screen back as a novelty instead of the norm for seeing new films. Some people will continue to go the movie theater because it is an outing, and it is fun, and in some cases because the movie's not offered at that time by any other means, but the days of paying ¥1800 to see movies for other reasons is over, and the DVD rental business is going out of business -- ESPECIALLY with the Hollywood and other companies' recent trend of making movies in installments, like a TV mini-series anyway.

What was once unthinkable in the West, Big Screen stars, directors, and producers going back to "television" has not only become the norm, it is becoming the preference and even the aspiration of some.

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And now people are doing the Bird Box challenge - and Netflix telling people not to do it, lol


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'The Wailing' is far better in terms of endings that needs explaination in details yet still confusing, however in good way.

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