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PPAP star Piko Taro marries model 15 years his junior


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Congrats, while your short-lived song was annoying as hell to me, doesn't mean you shouldn't be happy!

Pretty wife too! Gravure model no less, careful googling her name in images...nsfw

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Wow, his wife is hot. Article would have been much better with her photo in there.

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What happened to his last flame?

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If a guy has money, he can get a hot wife. Same the world over.

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She's cute, but definitely not in the "hot" catagory.

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If a guy has money, he can get a hot wife. Same the world over.

Ah, the women can be bought scenario. See also women are chattel/commodities/prostitutes narratives, so beloved of men of a certain mindset.

Not sure why there's a big deal about the age gap, either.

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See also women are chattel/commodities/prostitutes narratives, so beloved of men of a certain mindset.

Toasted, these are different(different issues) than the gold digger types who gladly "fall in love" with guys who they wouldn't give the time of day except they one thing $$$$$$$$$$$!!!

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older guy with money, young women with dreams of fame and wealth, yep this ones going to last for sure.

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as annoying as he is, hes done well for himself here! (i checked google.... tasty...)

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Looks a like they have been dating for a few years.

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I think this one will last a while, or at least as long as the money is good.

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I actually think these 2 are a pretty good match, I mean a one-hit wonder and a gravure idol. Probably not that easy for women working in the adult entertainment industry to meet/marry a decent man I.e quick fling rather than marriage material.

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"I will work even harder at home and at work," 

Crack me up! LOL!

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I think it is a great story. She's been with him since 2013, well before he was famous. So what if he is 15 years older than her!

My wonderful, beautiful, long-suffering Japanese wife made the decision to be with me, marry me and have a son with me even though my ugly gaijin mug is nearly 15 years older than her. And its not like I have lots of of money or anything.

Sure, it could all end in tears, but isn't that story of any relationship these days?!

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She is a stone-cold stunner and way out of his league. Must have liked the stupid song.

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Y'all act like this model is marrying an old fart, one hit wonder who wears a yellow suit all day. Pikotaro is a moniker just as Borat/Ali G from Sacha Baron Cohen. He was a producer/comedian before his gimmick.

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Whether she think's he's attractive, funny and a good person or that he's repulsive, annoying and rotten to the core - her view on his money could be the same. We'll never know the truth since women will rarely share that information outside of a female bestie.

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I wish them all the best.

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Such important news . I am sure everyone is talking about it !

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The poster above said Googling her isn't safe for work so I just had to.

New found respect for Taro and his Piko. He has a pen. She has an apple.

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