Rola on a roll as 'commercial queen' for 2017


Model and TV personality Rola, 27, is the commercial queen for 2017 after a three-year hiatus. The announcement was made by Nihon Monitor, a Japanese company that conducts media surveys and analyses.

The title of “2017 Celebrity Commercial Ranking” is awarded to female and male stars across the entertainment industry’s wide spectrum who appeared in commercials for the most number of companies. Rola appeared in ads for 15 companies this year.

The multiracial model is known for popularizing her “innocent” and "beautiful character" which has made her sought after by Japanese companies, despite a recent publicized dispute over cutting ties with her current agency and her contract.

Rola's talent agency disclosed the suspension of her official fan club last month. Following the announcement, Rola stated her intent to launch a new fan club.

Meanwhile, actor Kenichi Endo, 56, is the top male celebrity, appearing in 12 company ads this year. He is the oldest showbiz personality to take the number one spot.

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Salesman:   "Hello Rola, I represe....."

Rola:    "I'll do it!"

S:   "But...But, I haven't told you wha..."

R:   "No matter...I'll sell it!"

She is very cute but her face is all over JR, and she will sell just about anything.

Good luck to her though...Make hay whilst the sun shines eh?

1 ( +1 / -0 )

'Rola'?  I thought her name was 'Lora (Laura), admittedly the la / ra is confused by the soft 'd' consonant in many pronunciations, especially names, but Rola?  Reminds me of the chocolate Rolo.

ANyway, power to her for making her mark and staying current.

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

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