Sharp gains for Hollywood actresses in 2019 but barriers persist: study

By Frazer Harrison

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Way to prove a point, by not bothering to name the actor in the photo. Her name is Brie Larson.

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I'm much less likely to pay to see a film with forced diversity and extreme PC pandering because it's usually terribly written.

There was literally a movie where a black guy yells at a white woman for watching him in the museum, then proceeds to steal from the museum.

And one where a single mother (women are so strong) is encouraged, for no reason, to leave her female child (who is apparently strong) to go help a female superhero (so strong) rescue some people, when she has no superpowers (women are just so strong) and will likely die, leaving her child an orphan.

Make good films, with characters who make sense. Don't take away from the story so you can cram in diversity.

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One of the strongest female characters of 2019 was Alita, in the film adaption of the 1993 Japanese anime GUNNM, and she was 300 years old!

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Just a guess by the authors name that this is another agenda push by America's liberal left and picked by Japanese media - the bottom line if its a brilliant film people will pay to watch it regardless if its a male of female lead.

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Many of those female-led films are brilliant

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