X Japan’s Yoshiki announces dinner show for fans who have Y86,000 to spend

By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

Japanese musician Yoshiki has already carved out an enduring legacy for himself as the leader of the massively popular and influential rock band X Japan, but that’s not his only claim to fame. In addition to numerous solo and crossover music projects with other bands, he’s also dabbled in the worlds of fashion modeling and design, giving him a professional resume that few of us can ever hope to come close to.

However, fans will soon have a chance to be physically close to Yoshiki, as the musician has announced his fifth annual dinner show, dubbed “Evening with Yoshiki 2018.”

This year’s iteration will be held at the Grand Hyatt in Tokyo, part of the swanky Roppongi Hills entertainment complex. The highlight, of course, is the live musical performance by Yoshiki, taking place in much more intimate confines than the stadiums his concerts routinely sell out. Lending even more culture to the program is a performance by the Asami Maki Ballet Company, and Yoshiki will also be peppering the proceedings with charismatic chatter for the entertainment of the assembled audience.

All of this is accompanied by a full-course French dinner prepared by the Grand Hyatt’s chefs, some of the most highly respected culinary professionals in Tokyo. There’s no word on whether or not Yoshiki’s beloved cheese rice crackers will be on the menu, but it wouldn’t be a shock if they’re among the souvenirs and limited-edition merchandise being offered for sale at the event, which will also include a charity auction.

Of course, a small-venue concert by one of Japan’s biggest stars doesn’t come cheap, nor does gourmet cuisine, and the combination of those two rarefied treats means that tickets to Evening with Yoshiki 2018 are priced at 86,400 yen per person. Still, if you’re a superfan, apparently it’s money well-spent, and at least one X Japan-loving member of the SoraNews24 team says it’s “a bargain.”

For each of the last four years, tickets have sold out almost instantaneously, and things will probably be no different when they go on sale this year. Reservation details have yet to be announced, but the dates are set, as Yoshiki’s dinner show will be held nightly from July 13 to 16. That sounds like a pretty intense schedule, so hopefully he remembers to listen to his body and take care of his health while putting on what’s sure to be a very entertaining show.

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Source, top image: Press release

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I thought it was Rola when I glanced at the picture quickly.

Then I glanced again and thought it was Rola.

He is a talented man.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

He is a talented man.

He is, which is why it's surprising that the music he makes is mostly terrible.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

As is typical for Japan, overpriced just for the sake of being over priced. The reason why ticket prices are so high for popular foreign acts to tour in Japan is due not only to their global popularity (and high performance guarantees), but also in the high cost of global logistics and transport (staging, rigging, lighting, video, audio, wardrobe, crew, etc). Ok, granted.

But the drummer of a popular band? Even if the dinner cost is 16,400yen/person (which it is not), that would be 70,000yen/person x 600 seats (grand ballroom) = 42,000,000yen. There's no producing partner listed on this, so seems that it's either being done thru Yoshiki/management or Grand Hyatt team. Venue rental, minimal staging, lighting/audio rental, minimal staff requirements, limo for Yoshiki, van transport for ballet members/team (and their performance fee) - sorry, but not even getting to half the money they will pull in for a sold out performance. Not to mention for most of the dates, there are two shows per day.

BS prices for sure.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

I thought it was Rola when I glanced at the picture quickly.

Then I glanced again and thought it was Rola.

Laughed heartily...thx Haruka!!

0 ( +0 / -0 )

86k? Rather you than me.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

If people are willing to pay Y86000 then he may as well charge that much. If he charged less the tickets would be bought by touts and resold for the higher price.

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Adding to Yuko Maeda's costing, some of it will be bringing him and his staff over from California where he lives. He is international now. Trained as a classical pianist, he plays many instruments, composes, conducts, and is a genius in his own right, touching many people's hearts. The Emperor and Empress once ordered a special composition and live concert from him. Although he created X and X-Japan, he hired and fired at will. A one-man band indeed.

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