A sip of champagne makes Itano feel 'really hot'


Member of girl group AKB48 and solo performer Tomomi Itano, 20, held a special private live event in Shibuya to publicize the release of her second solo single, "Fui ni," which will be released by King Records on July 13.

Itano, who turned 20 on July 3, told the press, "In the run-up to my birthday, I still didn't feel like I was finally becoming an adult. It hadn't sunk in yet. I'm looking forward to going back to my hometown and attending my coming-of-age ceremony with my old childhood friends."

When asked how she felt now was finally able to legally drink alcohol, she replied, "Even a sip of champagne makes me really hot. On the other hand, I've never been completely drunk, so maybe I'm not as big a lightweight as I think I am. We'll see."

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Another AKB48 update!

How many hits for this little piece of news?

I've never been completely drunk

It will come my dear, it will come.

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Maybe there should be a new section entitled scraping the bottom of the barrel. This is a joke! "entertainment"? Don't make me laugh. Come on put something up for us adults.

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wow!!!! with this news i can now go about my day with confidence.

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You guys are just complaining because there is no picture of Itano getting hot after some Champage. And I must agree wholeheartedly :)

2 ( +4 / -2 )

Tomomi looks really good in her blue bikini.

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Does she get "hot" or "hot"? No doubt thousands of curious male fans are having fantasies right now.

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Come on put something up for us adults.

What part of Japanese entertainment can actually fulfill your needs as an adult?!

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aeho11; When foreign performers come here would be a good start and possible an interview with adult questions. obviously Japanese "talent" are unable to discuss anything above five year old level if the daily comments here are anything to go by.

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hot for what? pic please, these akb stories with no pix should be banned

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these akb stories with no pix should be banned

Too true.

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Trying desperately to put a more sensible slant on this - here goes:

There seem to be a lot of Japanese that can`t metabolise alcohol. Is this a genetic thing? Is it limited to the Japanese race, or East Asians generally? We have quite a few friends who literally get hot flashes, go bright red, get blood-shot eyes, or racing pulses the minute they touch alcohol. Is this quite a common thing here?

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miamum, yes, it is said to be genetic. One of my daughters has inherited this from her J mother.

About 75% of Japanese people (I don't remember the exact figures off-hand) do not have the enzyme which is able to break down alcohol quickly and efficiently. A glass or two of anything alcoholic and they are in serious trouble. As to Asians in general, hmmm... now I feel like googling it... although I suspect it will be about the same level.

This ratio falls dramatically in the west, to about 10% or less of the population(?).

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About 75% of Japanese people (I don't remember the exact figures off-hand) do not have the enzyme which is able to break down alcohol quickly and efficiently.

I think it's more like 1/3. I read it a long time ago in a National Geographic magazine and Wiki says the same thing.

"An estimated one out of three people in East Asian countries have an alcohol flush reaction, colloquially known as "Asian Glow", a condition where the body cannot break down ingested alcohol completely because it lacks the genetically coded enzyme that performs this function in the bodies of drinkers with "European" tolerance levels"


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@Steve Agree - I'd like to see the same sometimes too (that Canadian band singing in Japanese would be great for an interview for sure)! But put yourself in JT's shoes - they have to satisfy everyone's needs. And don't forget that AKB have lots of fans among the foreign community as well. ;)

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This news gets my official:

I don't care.


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@aeho: Plenty.

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Ya guys are missing the point: she's legal!

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Stranger and Nandakadamanda: thanks for the info.

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Just thought you should know: One sip of champagne does not affect me at all.

Maybe JT can interview me?

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I'll happily buy the young lady a Magnum of the finest champagne...I wanna find out how "hot" she gets!

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Oh I'll make her feel hot and I don't even need champagne.

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Wow..and when you think the twits in this group couldnt get and more stupid.

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