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ABBA reunites -- with avatars -- for TV tribute


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Why don't they just get back together for a show? I'm sure they're just as talented and sing just as well. Hope that its not a few wrinkles stopping Them. They've turned down billions of dollars for new albums. Just do it for the fans..Frieda

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Kurt: I thought it was Agnetha who keeps throwing a spanner in the works.

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Tickets for any ABBA gig would be in the the big $$$... as was the case with Kate Bush.

I'll pass, but it would be something special.

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Have they reunited to at least re-record the songs that will be 'performed' by the avatars?

Otherwise what meaning is there in it?

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Apologies to ABBA. I extrapolated something I heard years ago. It suggested that Frieda hated to travel and almost never left Stockholm. As with all things involving consensus, it was probably far more complicated. As we all know..it only takes one "spaner". As far as the"avatar" angle, it's pretty ridiculous. Why would anyone want to see computer imagery of songs and concerts using old music recorded decades ago? Why not just make an anime? They are just people. They are entitled to decide how to spend their time. They really don't owe their fans.

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