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Abe, Shi tie knot after Tokyo-Beijing computer 'dates'


Japanese actor Tsuyoshi Abe is looking forward to finally living together with Chinese actress Shi Ke after the two recently got married as they have been communicating mainly by computer between Tokyo and Beijing. ''When I met her for the first time, I felt I had seen her before,'' Abe, known as Li Zhendong in China and Taiwan, told reporters in Tokyo on Monday when announcing their marriage Sunday.

Abe, 27, and Shi, 29, started to see each other after the shooting in 2006 of the Chinese film ''Stand In Love'' in which they played key roles. As Abe was based in Tokyo and Shi lived in Beijing, the couple had to make do with virtual ''dates'' using their computers.

''I was keen to get married to a woman I could love from the bottom of my heart and finally I met one,'' Abe said, adding Shi plans to come to Japan this summer so they can start living together.

Abe, whose grandmother was Japanese, hails from China's Heilongjiang Province and moved to Japan when he was 9. He belongs to a Taiwanese agency.

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"Abe, whose grandmother was Japanese, hails from China’s Heilongjiang Province and moved to Japan when he was 9. He belongs to a Taiwanese agency"

so he's a Chinese actor??

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Awww, I'm so glad to hear this! Congrats, Abe and Shi!

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Well this happens all the time these days, so this isnt really news.

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tonywang - Certainly sounds that way!

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LDR never work out

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