Abuse accusations by ex-wife Amber Heard are 'insane': Johnny Depp

By Chris Lefkow

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AH should be charged with lord knows how many instances of PERJURY!!

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It’s understandable, but still a shame, the reporting only focuses on the famous names.

There’s been a LOT going on in that courtroom with expert witness testimonies that have all but destroyed Amber’s legal team and fabrications.

That said, defamation (what this case is really about) is very difficult to prove. But the exposure of Amber and her Lawyers mean any unlikely victory would be completely pyhrric.

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That's it! She's done! RIP Hollywood career!

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Two petty has-beens trying to revive their failing career through a court room drama

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Surprise surprise AH caught in MORE lies, she doesnt stop!

Oh & get ready, looking like she may well be SCRUBBED from the upcoming Aquaman movie & yeah she is going to have a hard time finding work in front of Hollywood cameras, but its entirely of her own making!

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