Abusive messages show dark side of 'Star Wars' fandom


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Beats me why any celebrity / actor would want to be on social media. Too many trolls online.

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The Last Jedi was pretty meh. That’s all there is to it, no need to harass the actors force them of social media. If fans have actual qualms then they should take it up with Kathleen Kennedy.

Seen some YouTube videos raging at Disney SW, most of those videos are cringe.

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The fanboys strike again. Not just Star Wars, it happens anyplace where men feel women or minorities are impinging on 'their' territory.

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These people are not fans, they are misogynistic, often racist, angry men. See also incel and broflakes.

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Some people in this world want to live in an alternative universe because their lives are so meaningless and pathetic. Any disturbance to THEIR world is viewed with disdain, hence the attacks.

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As a male Star Wars superfan in my 30s, those loser misogynistic sexless fanboys infuriate me. I'll never understand why such insecure losers will go to such great lengths to troll and mercilessly harass female actresses whose characters they didn't like. They make society a much worse place. Go get laid already. I feel for Kelly Marie Tran and other actresses who have gone through that.

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Tran parents come from a country were fathers of those fans have been fighting against the g...ks. So no news really.

Star Wars is influenced by movies of Akira Kurosawa but that's to much for them to comprehend.

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Trolling an actress online is only something a lowlife would do. It is a movie. You watch it and move on. This isnt the first time that these fake fans harrassed a Star Wars actor. They tore up Ahmed Best too.

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I also have a feeling that the reason they're hating on her is because she saved a black dude from his suicidal mission in the movie.

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something about the anonymity of the internet brings out the worst in people

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That's the difference between the US, where anonymus and open hatred on internet is covered by the First Amendment, and the EU where the authorities often, not always, decide to go after the source of those messages and pressure Social media firms operating within the Union to cooperate or face legislation.

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Just enjoy the movies... Plus being in a far far away galaxy why would it be a problem to have anybody(human(from any skin color or gender), alien from a different planet) or anything(droids or else) being in a lead role ? It's sci-fi fantasy story, anything can happen in it... Those people talking crap on an actor/actress are just losers and a waste of time to talk about (like I do here myself).

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